sayagaki translation needed

Hello all,

I got this sayagaki but can not translate it, the mei on the tang is Noshu sekino-junin-Fujiwara Kanemichi or somthing like that.
Could anyone translate it please?
Peter G.

Wakizashi - Bungo Takada Ju Fujiwara Yukimitsu

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ed and I have a Wakizashi that has a Mei of BUNGO TAKADA JU FUJIWARA YUKIMITSU (or at least that is how I read it since the Kanji is almost identical.) and by looking up this smith I see his era was between 1661-1688.

What I am the most interested in is:

  1. Is this the same location on Kyushu Island that is now Oita Prefecture and near the city of BungoTakada.

  2. Which leads me to my second question, could anyone tell me the daimyo that may have been in control of the area where and when this sword may have been made.

Thank You for any Help.

Hello, new to this informative site. Have Wakizashi with Sayagaki on shirasaya

Seeking information about this nice little length of blade is 18&5/8", and blade from notch is 13&5/8". Tang not signed, but their is Sayaagaki information on the shirasaya. I do not know how to read it.I think it may have the Smiths' name and date. Any information would be appreciated. It has a lot of defects but nothing fatal....just like this sword!. Please see images attached

Hello my friends

Hello my friends
me name is Julien i have a 28y old
im a beginner in this wonderful world of samurai art blade :)
i buy my firts sword from the ww2 on
with Jon .. a really good guy ..
but my question is ..if i want to keep my blade clean and valuable for many years, did the best solution is to goo for a good polish now or just keeping all original gonna be more valuable later just clean the blade 1 time 2-3 month with the oil gonna be ok and i dont have to touch the polish

WWii Japanese tang translation

Would like translation of tang signatures on both sides of WWII Japanese machine made? sword

Interesting WW2 tang what looks to be a special order blade

Hello all,

can someone help my on this sword being auctioned on ebay right now, the writing on the tang does not look typical and also no arsenal mark, I am curious especialy what the left side of the tang writing means on the top around the tang hole, if someone can translate it would be apreciated.
Peter G.

Please help identify this signature

Hi everybody.
I have this wakizashi that is signed but don't have the translation for it.
Could you please help me identify this signature?
Patrice P.

badly chipped blade sold as minty, what do you think, is it minty?

I bought this ww2 sword on ebay )item: 380762660383) and seller said the blade has no chips, he used out of focus pictures and not shown the part where the damages are.
I pictured the edge, it is full of nicks, one is so deep the cut out steel hangs partly on the side of the edge turned out. He is saying it is minty for its age, but there is a lot of ww2 sword in mint , undamaged conditions and surely these are bad chips, and he said there is none.
Do you think he is wrong and misleading?
I want to open an ebay dispute against him.

Aoe sword hunt

While working on Sword Database I occasionally do deep dives into the works of a particular school or smith. Not too long ago I recorded 99 Awataguchi swords (the number may grow by the time you may be opening this link) in various books/magazines/internet articles. Recently I found a good number of swords of Osafune Kagemitsu - this is an interesting one because Kagemitsu left many signatures with dates.

My next target is Aoe school.

This is a placeholder page where I will be tracking my progress.

Unknown origin katana 3

Thank you for sending my mind to reality, I had forgotten the Meiji reform of the calendar in which Western style calendar became the official one when the Japanese one was maintained for" spiritual" reasons but was made to comply.
In disorder:
. There is no stamp nor credible marks which would lead to believe one as been removed.
. Sori is 17/18 mm, Tori sori.
. photos attached, I should have sand blasted glass to diffuse the light and work on my lighting.
. Temper line crisper than my photos taken with macro, hand held camera.

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