Identification of a Japanese Sword

Hello and thank you in advance for helping. I have inherited this Japanese Sword and would like to know more about the type and date. Maybe somebody can identify the calligraphy? Attached a picture.
With best regards, berma

Identify sword signature

Would like to know what the signature says. Also, want to get a matching handle and fittings, or is my only solution a complete replacement. I would need to know age of this katana to have appropriate parts

Sword identification

Hello there, I have an idea I've posted this before but can't find it on this site.
I am trying to identify the age, swordsmith, period of a Japanese sword I have. Please see the photo's and I think I have covered all the useful elements to enable an ID to be made by someone who knows what they're talking about. I am also trying to establish a value as well with a view selling it. Any help I can get will be welcome. Best wishes and stay safe.

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Recomendations on 2 items


I am new on this forum and also new in collection antique Japanese Blades, i have been collecting European Sabers and Gaucho Knives for a long time, but i am only starting on this amazing subject, so i would be really greatfull if you can give me some advice on two items i am really excited in acquire.

Signiture translation.

I have yet to finish translation of the signiture on my late father's blade. As it is now mine. I would like to know it's pedigree. Any help would be helpful. I belive the first part to be honmitsi. But I'm unsure of even that. Please look at the photos I posted on the forum

Tang writing on both sides


I have this blade with a slightly more corroded tang than usual, with both sides full of kanji, I would like to get some help, at least the to find out the last 2 kanji of the signature to start with my research, or with help of the other side as it does not look like a dating (perhaps a memorial writing, or the second part of the long signature?)

Peter G.

"Tachibina" 立雛 (Standing Dolls for the Doll Festival in March) - With signature and seal 'Koen' 耕園 - Japón - 1899 Niwayama Koen

Hanging scroll with original tomobako - Lacquer, Silk, Wood - "Tachibina" 立雛 (Standing Dolls for the Doll Festival in March) - With signature and seal 'Koen' 耕園 - Japan - 1899 (Late Meiji period)

This is a beautiful hanging scroll , from early 20th century , painted 立雛(たちびな) . This scroll is Lacquer ware Shaft , very beautiful. The painter's signature is on the bottom left corne

help for me translate mei

hello everyone can help me translate this signature thank you very much it is difficult to decipher kanji when you are a beginner

Researching smiths

Hi Members.
Back again after a couple of years..
Can any one help me with the smith on this very well made sword..???

thank you

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