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Help Identify book

Hello Everyone,
I have been researching a book I recently picked up but unable to translate, or identify the book. If anyone knows anything about this book I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you so much. Please see attachments to see the pictures.

Thank you

Identification of a Japanese Sword

Hello and thank you in advance for helping. I have inherited this Japanese Sword and would like to know more about the type and date. Maybe somebody can identify the calligraphy? Attached a picture.
With best regards, berma

Identify sword signature

Would like to know what the signature says. Also, want to get a matching handle and fittings, or is my only solution a complete replacement. I would need to know age of this katana to have appropriate parts

Sword identification

Hello there, I have an idea I've posted this before but can't find it on this site.
I am trying to identify the age, swordsmith, period of a Japanese sword I have. Please see the photo's and I think I have covered all the useful elements to enable an ID to be made by someone who knows what they're talking about. I am also trying to establish a value as well with a view selling it. Any help I can get will be welcome. Best wishes and stay safe.

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Recomendations on 2 items


I am new on this forum and also new in collection antique Japanese Blades, i have been collecting European Sabers and Gaucho Knives for a long time, but i am only starting on this amazing subject, so i would be really greatfull if you can give me some advice on two items i am really excited in acquire.

Signiture translation.

I have yet to finish translation of the signiture on my late father's blade. As it is now mine. I would like to know it's pedigree. Any help would be helpful. I belive the first part to be honmitsi. But I'm unsure of even that. Please look at the photos I posted on the forum

Tang writing on both sides


I have this blade with a slightly more corroded tang than usual, with both sides full of kanji, I would like to get some help, at least the to find out the last 2 kanji of the signature to start with my research, or with help of the other side as it does not look like a dating (perhaps a memorial writing, or the second part of the long signature?)

Peter G.

"Tachibina" 立雛 (Standing Dolls for the Doll Festival in March) - With signature and seal 'Koen' 耕園 - Japón - 1899 Niwayama Koen

Hanging scroll with original tomobako - Lacquer, Silk, Wood - "Tachibina" 立雛 (Standing Dolls for the Doll Festival in March) - With signature and seal 'Koen' 耕園 - Japan - 1899 (Late Meiji period)

This is a beautiful hanging scroll , from early 20th century , painted 立雛(たちびな) . This scroll is Lacquer ware Shaft , very beautiful. The painter's signature is on the bottom left corne

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