Wakizashi - Bungo Takada Ju Fujiwara Yukimitsu

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ed and I have a Wakizashi that has a Mei of BUNGO TAKADA JU FUJIWARA YUKIMITSU (or at least that is how I read it since the Kanji is almost identical.) and by looking up this smith I see his era was between 1661-1688.

What I am the most interested in is:

  1. Is this the same location on Kyushu Island that is now Oita Prefecture and near the city of BungoTakada.

  2. Which leads me to my second question, could anyone tell me the daimyo that may have been in control of the area where and when this sword may have been made.

Thank You for any Help.
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Bungo Takada

Hi Ed,

Yes, the area of Bungo province is where Oita Prefecture located now. I'm not quite sure whether the city of BungoTakada is the place where Takada smiths used to work. Swordmaking in Bungo province existed for 700 years and depending on particular period they may have worked in different areas.

As for Daimyo of Bungo province, check http://www.samurai-archives.com/ - I think they have info like that.


Bungo Takata Ju Fujiwara Yukimitsu

Thank You so much for your time.