Help with name of smith and translation

Need help with two translations on a type 94 gunto and unknown katana

New Katana

Hello Every one
I have a very nice and interesting katana. Very nice temper line.
Per 1940 by the shape,
I would appreciate help to translate the signature of the smith,,

sword identification

Hello all!!

Some friends posted an image of a sword on facebook, the sword was handed down from a father to son to son, the Sword was brought to the United states from japan, after WWII. The person in ownership of the sword would like to know what the writing says on it. Can anyone help me translate this?

Tang inscription help please

HI Stan and all,

Hope all is well, I am needing any assistance to interpret the signature on this sword, I appreciate any information.. it is signed front and back, Please refer to the pictures..


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