Help with translation

Hi Every one

I have two new Naval katana and would appreciate help to translate the smiths signature.
thank you

Sayagaki on Koto Blade

Hello all,

I have a blade in old shirasaya with writing on it but difficult to translate, something about Koto era or so.
I would be thankful for any help,
Peter G.

Unknown YoshiMits

I havnt been able to find an example of this YoshiMitsu.

signed and dated tang


I have a wakizashi with writing on both sides, possibly mei and dating, needs help to translate.
Thanks in advance,
Peter G.

New Katana

Hello Every one
I have a very nice and interesting katana. Very nice temper line.
Per 1940 by the shape,
I would appreciate help to translate the signature of the smith,,

Yamashiro Kuni Nobokuni

Good morning to all readers.
I am looking for assistance for this wakisachi (51.2 cm) in regard of the signature. After 2 years spending spare time to find an oshigata I threw in my towel. I attached the mei and several shots of the blade. I am aware that you may need more photos, no problem I will do as asked. It is my feeling that the hamon is close to Shochu style , the boshi is rather small and the tempering of it is O-maru on one side and nearly square on the other (as per photos).

Knowledge on a sword

I wanted to research the history of a sword. I have attached photos on the one in question and wanted to see if the swords history or maker could be determined?



old nbthk paper translation

Hello all,

I got this old nbthk paper and not sure what it says about the maker or family, please help.
Peter G.

sayagaki translation needed

Hello all,

I got this sayagaki but can not translate it, the mei on the tang is Noshu sekino-junin-Fujiwara Kanemichi or somthing like that.
Could anyone translate it please?
Peter G.

Wakizashi - Bungo Takada Ju Fujiwara Yukimitsu

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ed and I have a Wakizashi that has a Mei of BUNGO TAKADA JU FUJIWARA YUKIMITSU (or at least that is how I read it since the Kanji is almost identical.) and by looking up this smith I see his era was between 1661-1688.

What I am the most interested in is:

  1. Is this the same location on Kyushu Island that is now Oita Prefecture and near the city of BungoTakada.

  2. Which leads me to my second question, could anyone tell me the daimyo that may have been in control of the area where and when this sword may have been made.

Thank You for any Help.

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