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Hizen Kuni Tadayoshi Katana Identification Help

Sword Identification

About a month ago, doing demo work on an abandoned house, I can across this poor soul in between a wall we were knocking down! As you can see from the pictures, this soul has been abused, beaten, chipped, dented and filed. It is stained and sad! The Katana has always been the favorite sword since I was a kid. Seeing this soul in such sad disarray, hurt my heart and soul! The Katana was an extension of a Samurai soul and in my own way, I could feel that!

Your help on katana

Hello, I ask for your help, I have 3 questions to ask you;
the first is to read the signature on the nakago I can't understand if Motozane or Motosada.
the second is an original signature (I see many beatings on the metal).
the third is on the nakago there are five signs on the edge mean something in particular.
Thanks for your help
I attach the photos

Need help in attribution

Need help in attribution
fell into the hands of a blade,
The signature is similar to Sanjo Munechika,
can this be true?

help identify authenticity

I am as of recent, a new joined member of the nihonto club. I became a member in hopes to share the Mei of my Katana and authenticate it, either value or if it's genuine. It appears to be handmade but possibly afterwards was sent off to a factory for finishing, that is unless the swordsmith himself devoted over time into the tang of the sword. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested, I am in a bit of a tight hassle over money and wouldn't have a problem selling the sword to someone whom collects and will take care of it.

Help for Hisakuni short sword identification

Dear Sirs
I have already contacted you last year after finding a short sword signed Hisakuni in south of France.
When I found it, the sword was in a very bad state. There were some deep marks of blows. The polisher has made what he could but some of them always appear. Now the blade is restored and mounted in a beautiful shirasaya.
This short sword had the particularities of Kamakura’s forging, tender steel, thin shape, curved, light hamon, Fine Hada... but now, we are are not experts.

Yamashiro Kuni Nobokuni

Good morning to all readers.
I am looking for assistance for this wakisachi (51.2 cm) in regard of the signature. After 2 years spending spare time to find an oshigata I threw in my towel. I attached the mei and several shots of the blade. I am aware that you may need more photos, no problem I will do as asked. It is my feeling that the hamon is close to Shochu style , the boshi is rather small and the tempering of it is O-maru on one side and nearly square on the other (as per photos).

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