Sorry: I tried to just add a comment to my prior post, but I couldn't figure out how to add more photos. This is in response to Saipan59

OK. I've taken a good look at the items you mentioned, and added some more photos.

The light scratches are on both the shinogi-ji and the ji. I can't really determine if they are continuous, or were done separately just meeting at the shinogi, which still seems pronounced and straight. The hamon is still quite visible, and in fact the "scratches" can barely be seen on the harder hamon.

Hello all. I am Greg Rupp, a brand new member.

This is only the second Japanese sword I have acquired. I bought it through an auction where it was presented as a: Japanese katana in shirasaya, shin-shinto (1765-1867), suguha hamon, ko-itame jimon, signed 'Suishinshi Masahide', original tang, iron tsuba with gilt inlay from Edo period; together with a silk katana bukuro (sword bag), total length: approx. 41", blade length: 28.25".
One of the reasons I bought this is because it appears "unfinished" and I wanted to add same,ito, mekugi, koiguchi, kojiri, etc.

Possible Yamato Daijo Fujiwara Masanori


This is my first post here, and I will fess up right now that my knowledge of Japanese swords is extremely limited, and hence so is my terminology. My interest got tweaked recently, and now I'm on a bit of a mission to get something verified. I am hopeful that you will be able to assist me.

Yokoyama Kozuke Daijo Fujiwara Sukesada Katana

Hi to everyone.

This is my last acquisition. I was abble to translate the mei by myself(thank you nihontoclub !). But I want to share it with you.

So, as a little game, try to find who is the swordsmith and the date (and Pete, let someone else answer, 'cause that's too easy for you...).

Nagasa: 71 cm
Hamon: choji midare
Era: shinto
Area: bizen


New Kozuka

Good day ALL
I have funeral purchased a Kozuka and three hitu for my collection.
With cleaning the rusty blade I found a signature , Can any one tell me the name and the about the
leaf motif ?? Thank you

thank you pete

Hi pete, thank you for your help question I ask myself is there a good Masatsugu blacksmith?
I looked at the dates of its activity it correspondrais at the time of this blade but signing it is a mei-mei or gi?
she is polishing court I expect the return to see the details of the blade if it matches the school.


hi, ALL!

who knows about swordsmith Jasuharu (1gen):
相州小田原住康春 (sōshū odawara ju yasuharu), YAS782.

and: 備中水田住國重 Bitu Mizuta (no) Kunishige (19 age).

Gassan Frog

Updated Photos...hope these help?

Gassan Frog


Gassan Frog

Dear All, I am a new member to Nihonto Club with a life long interest in Japanese antiquities. I recently acquired a sword which I have not been able to categorise and I would appreciate any help from other members who may have an idea what the sword was for:

Showa period Tachi style
Ashi are stylised Frogs gripping a leather bound metal saya (gilt copper, poor quality casting)
Fuchi, Kabutogane and Kuchigane also frogs
Tsuba, again poor casting with flowers and pots gilt on copper
Menuki are thinly cast gilt fish
Thin ray skin is applied to the hilt which is poorly bound.

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