Knowledge on a sword

I wanted to research the history of a sword. I have attached photos on the one in question and wanted to see if the swords history or maker could be determined?



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Hi Jeff,
I only see one picture posted, showing the last few inches of the TSUKA (handle).


Knowledge of sword

I show my age and computer illiteracy every day. I will try to upload more photos, thanks!


More photos


I've uploaded the photos you sent me by email.

As I mentioned in my email, the last character is a difficult one and my current version is:

Fujiwara Yoshinawa

This tallies with description of Fujiwara Yoshitsuna:

Markus Sesko, Index of Japanese Swordsmiths wrote:

Yoshitsuna(吉綱), Kanbun (寛文, 1661-1673), Yamashiro – „Jōshū-jū Fujiwara Yoshitsuna“ (城州住藤原吉継), „Fujiwara Yoshitsuna“ (藤原吉綱), student of the 1st gen. Tadatsuna (忠綱), he signed his name also with the characters (吉縄)

I don't yet have any examples of Yoshitsuna's works to compare with. Will look later this week.

I wonder what Pete will see in this signature.


Hi Stan, It all

Hi Stan,
It all seems so confusing, though it appears that you will have some basis to compare the signatures?


Jeff, Yes, now that we are


Yes, now that we are more certain about the last character, I'll look for more information (and if we are lucky, examples of this smith's other works).


Fujiwara Yoshitsuna


Somewhat against the odds I managed to find other examples of Yoshitsuna - the smith I mentioned earlier, with the same unusual character for TSUNA. It's one Tokubetsu Hozon wakizashi by this Yoshitsuna and a naginata with NTHK certificate by Settsu Yoshitsuna which looks like the same smith as second generation Yamashiro Yoshitsuna. Some sources say his first signature was Masatsuna 正綱, but I can't confirm that using any reputable books. I also think it's possible there was just one smith, the second son of Tadatsuna 忠綱, and all these records refer to him, moving between Settsu and Yamashiro.

Based on these examples, I think it can be said with high degree of certainty that your sword was made by this Yoshitsuna.



HI Stan,
Thanks for your help, the examples you identified looks exactly like the sword I have. Is there any history books about the sword smith? I also wanted to know if it is wise to think about refurbishing this sword? or should it be left in the condition it currently is?

Best Regards,

Jeff Liquori


My wife agrees that it looks like "NAWA".
It would be #3617 in the old Nelson dictionary (the style with the double-vertical in the right-side radical).