Need help to identify a sword signature


I send you a picture of a signature on a katana nakago. I don't have any information regarding it, except that it belonged to the family for 50 years, at least. Any information will be very helpfull! Thanks a lot!

help me please for mei

I send you a picture of a signature on a wakizashi I do not know the time if someone just help me know when was this plate and help me decode kanjis thank you very much

Unknown wakizashi

New purchace

Hi every one
Purchasing new wakizashi, but not shore of a couple of things,
Can any one help me with the smiths name ?
thank you

Would like to know makers name from signature, possible age of Wakizashi, and if the marks on top of tang are just for fittings

Hello, would like to get an approximate age and signature identification of this Wakizashi. Also, on top of the tang are some marks, I am assuming they are fittings numbers?. Thank you.

found another one

I have friend thats looking at this sword can anyone tell me the name and give me some opinions on it? He should be sending me some more images in the near future.

Mei identification on a wakizashi

Hi everyone.

Could anyone help me to find the swordsmith of this wakizashi ? I suppose the signature on the nakago of the wakizashi (1st picture) and the one on the kogatana (2nd picture) is from the same swordsmith.

In my opinion, the first kanji reads "KANE", and the third one "SAKU". But the second ????



Need help with two translations on a type 94 gunto and unknown katana

Identify age period of this Japanese Wakizashi and if it has a crack in the mune or just an opening....Fatal?

Hello, just bought another sword I like. I am trying to determine age, and if the line on the mune is a crack, or opening, and is it a fatal flaw. The tsuba and fittings and menukies are all the same theme, and I believe are original to the sword. Please see attached images. Updated with 3 images of sword length and curve to help identify age.

Need to know what the tang says and if that is an arsenal mark on this Japanese sword

I like this sword, very nice blade. If anyone can help in reading the signature I appreciate it.

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