Is it gimei?

So I've read and partially agree with the saying, "Buy the sword, not the smith/mei." But my disagreement with that sentiment is; if I want to send a sword to Japan for a polish or a shinsa, I would rather it not be a gimei. If I have a $1000 sword and a possible $10000 sword, it's easy to see which one I'd want to invest $3000 in. I have a couple of the better smiths named swords. Blogs tell us that 90% are gimie, which is probably correct. So how do I tell for sure? I've done my internet searches with mixed results.

orikaeshi mei help

Hello everyone,
I just grab a blade with a orikaeshi mei I translated without certainty I need your help to give me information on this signature marked Kanemoto.
71cm blade measuring 2.9cm and nasaga of motohaba.
I enclose a photo to make you notice.
thank you

Aviator Sword

Hello Pete,

I have this military sword, a sword that used to belong to a Japanese aviator during WWII, that I think is remarkable.
As I understand some Japanese men, mostly officers, who participated in the war, brought along with them swords that belong to their families for generations. This sword appears to me to be one of them.

is this a date or something else on the right side of the tang?


I have this long wakizashi, I managed to translate the mei:
越前守藤原國次 Echizen No Kami Fujiwara Kanitsugu

but have trouble with the otehr side, are the kanji these? 於熊本以南蛮鐡
It does not look like a date, perhaps a location to refer to?

I found a similar sword, a katana, might be its match for a daisho :

Can someone help me with the other side, what it might be?
Peter G.

Another Recent Acquisition


Here is another sword (Katana) that I acquired recently. It is attributed to Yamato no kami Motohira, from early 19th century. What do you think about this one?

Here are its specs:
Jidai date: around Bunka Era (1804-1818)
Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri
Mune: Iori-mune
Boshi head: O-maru, beautiful!
Kitae hada: Nashi-ji hada
Hamon temper line: Gunome irregular temper lines, awesome!
Nakago tang: Kuri-jiri
Yasuri-me: O-suji chigai
Mekugi hole: One
Habaki collar: Single piece copper
Cutting Edge Length: 62.8 cm (24 3/4")
Sheath Writing:

Another Mei question

Hello, again,

Am I correct in interpreting the kanji in the attached file as 'Masayoshi'?. The kanji is on the tang of another of my recently acquired wakizashi.


Mei on Recently Acquired Wakizashi

Hello everyone,
I am a collector of WWI and WII firearms and edge weapons, and new member of this club. I have about 8 military Japanese swords that were produced and/or used during these war periods. Just recently, I purchased a few possibly antique Wakizashi swords. One of these, has the characters that appear in the attached photo. I recognized the kanji for 'Tada', so, I search through this website's signature database, but, I was not able to find a match. I was wondering if any of you is able to interpret or recognize the inscribed characters and signature.

help me for mei

Hello everyone and especially to you little, I wanted to show you my new sword, according to my information it would be child's sword, I'm not signing that is over, I think Toshinori but I ' have doubts about the authenticity of a fear gimei.
pete can you help me please.
thank you very much

NTHK certification

Hi Pete (or someone else that could have this information),

Do you know what do I have to do to apply a katana for avaliation at nthk society? I've sent two emails for "unique japan" asking them if it is possible to do the identification through photos and how much it would be but I still have no answer...

Best regards,


help me for description new mei (pete help me)

Hello everyone I just bought a wakizashi bringing this signature, we can help me to translate and give me an idea of the time thank you in advance.
Thank you has you pete

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