Date Yamashiro no Kami Fujiwara Kunitsugu

Yamasiro no Kami Fujiwara Kunitsugu

Yamashiro no kami Fujiwara Kunitsugu ?

I am the owner of an O-wakisachi (56.6 cm). In my illiterate ways I translate the mei as Yamashiro noKami Fujiwara Kunitsugu and I believe to read the date as: an auspicious day, ninth month.. and I am stumped is it eleventh year Kanei? I can not find any visual to confirm or not.

Sword identification.

Hi everyone. Could somebody please help me identify the sword in these pictures. I can't seem to figure it out.

Please help identify this maker.

Hi everybody. Can you please help us identify the maker, and any other information about the maker of this sword.
Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

Inscription Id

Hi I have two swords that I can not figure out who the maker is. Can anybody help me out?
Oh I guess I will have to do the second one in a separate blog.

Menuki polishing - ok or not?

Hello all! Love the site - great resource. Situation: I recently purchased a very rough late edo era tsuka for parts and to disassemble for research purposes. The menuki are not high quality, they look like cast brass. In fact the whole tsuka was pretty poor quality when it was made. I have been doing some cleaning to remove the surface grime but maintain the ageing & patina etc. but have reached a dilemma...

Translation of a tand signature

Hi there,
need some help to figure out the smith's signature.
Thanks for helping. Rgds Jacques

Need Help Identifying My Sword's Signature

I got this from my uncle, who got it from a garage sale a few years ago. The previous owner didn't tell him much about it. I'm guessing it is probably just a replica, but I would really like to know for sure: it will still always be my first sword, regardless of whether or not it's fake.

Thank you,
Michael Ronco

Sword signature

Hi, can anyone help in reading the signature on my WW2 sword? I have been told that is probably a Showa blade, thanks.

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