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Researching smiths

Hi Members.
Back again after a couple of years..
Can any one help me with the smith on this very well made sword..???

thank you

Help to identify Family Name on Surrender Tag

Hello Everyone
I am back again studying and researching swords in my collection. I have a Naval Officers sword
which was surrendered with a Surrender tag. Rust on the edge of the tang make it difficult to identify the smith. I would be interested in the Family name on the Surrender tag and of course the name of the smith..
Mush appreciate if someone could assist
thank you

New purchace

Hi every one
Purchasing new wakizashi, but not shore of a couple of things,
Can any one help me with the smiths name ?
thank you

New Kozuka

Good day ALL
I have funeral purchased a Kozuka and three hitu for my collection.
With cleaning the rusty blade I found a signature , Can any one tell me the name and the about the
leaf motif ?? Thank you

Help with translation

Hi Every one

I have two new Naval katana and would appreciate help to translate the smiths signature.
thank you

New Katana

Hello Every one
I have a very nice and interesting katana. Very nice temper line.
Per 1940 by the shape,
I would appreciate help to translate the signature of the smith,,

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