help mei

hello hello, can you help me to decipher this signature style is gyosho
thank you

Unknown wakizashi

found another one

I have friend thats looking at this sword can anyone tell me the name and give me some opinions on it? He should be sending me some more images in the near future.

Need help with two translations on a type 94 gunto and unknown katana


Hello fellow collectors I am new here . I bought this sword in Kyu gunto mounts .Could some one please help me translate this double signed tang? I believe it may be grass script? If anyone could tell me what it says I would be grateful.Thank you and take care.

The value of WM Hawley books and pamphlets?

Hello all.

Just joined. I can NOT read nihon-go. I am thinking about purchasing W.M. Hawley's swordsmiths books and sword monographs. Do you think these are a good purchase for an english speaker who wants to identify swords and swordsmiths?

If not what would you recommend?


Need help Reading inscription :)

Hi - Im having a hard time trying to read the inscription and wondered if anyone could help ? This is a sword that came from the Compton collection and given to the Exective director by Compton. Given to him by a Japanese Delegation. WWII Army Officers Sword engraved blade with Bamboo and Shinto Blessing(?) on the other side. Im a novice and it takes me so long to try to figure out the Charcters. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

thanks so much

Help with Kanji

Hello Aficionados,
Hope you all are having wonderfilled days.
I was wondering if I could get some help with some kanji, I found inside a saya.
Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

buying my first sword

hello. im looking at buying my first sword. trying to get some kind of reading on the tang. any help would be greatly appreciated. just cant figure out how to post pictures. thanks in advance.

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