Need help with two translations on a type 94 gunto and unknown katana

Try identicate kanji form

Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, Jairo Araujo from Brazil.

I'm posting photos of my katana. After try understand the signature, please if someone can help me i will be glad.

Lets start with signature, first kanji of signature is 國 (KUNI) but i cant identify the second.

In the other side, have a mensage, I think it was not made in manufacturing process, i think it was made after, says "横山大膳X康子X" ("Yokoyama daizen xxx Yasushiko XXX")

Suemitsu Katana Kaji says frequently Japanese soldiers wrote their names or messages in military swords, i dont know if is correct or not.

Blade Signature identification help and Dragon Tsuba pictures


I've been trying to translate the Signature on a blade for quite some time but I've not been succesfull.

I've posted picture of the Tsuba which appears to be an Edo period piece with a Dragon in the Clouds. Gold and silver inlay.

Any help translating and identifying the pieces would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Tang translation please help

A local shop where I live has a WWII officers gunto, the blade seems a bit different from most of the information I have researched on them. It is 26.5", has a diamond shaped mine down by the kisakki, and a single mekugi hole with 5 characters. Natural hamon. The ha is good and sharp but the blade is black and oxidized in some places. No pitting that I can tell though. There are about four nicks on the ha big enought to put your thumbnail into. He I is asking $750 for it. That seems like a lot so I am trying to find translation to see if the blade is anything special.

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