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Need help in attribution

Need help in attribution
fell into the hands of a blade,
The signature is similar to Sanjo Munechika,
can this be true?

Inscription on tang

Good Morning,
I am seeking help / assistance to be able to know the meaning of inscriptions on the tang of a sword I own.
Omote- Possible reading
1st kanji: Hon = true / real ?
2nd kanji: I do not know.
3rd kanji: Kane (Mino way).
4th kanji:Uji.
Incised stamp: I have absolutely no idea.

Date: My reading
Meiji 9th year 2nd month a day. A day in February 1876 ( one month before the Haitori Edict).
2nd last kanji: Ichi.

Nihonto Meikan error?

I recently acquired a sword signed "Echizen-ju TAKAHISA-saku" My dealer (Tokugawa art, Yuji Fukuoka) believes and I agree it is early Edo...most likely Genna.

However, according to Nihonto Meikan....
(There are two entries for Takahisa. One says " Echizen Kuni ju Takahisa" "around Tenwa, Echizen", the second says "Takahisa Echizen ju Fujiwara" (which seems very odd as it is the reverse of normal), "around Genroku, Echizen".)

However according to my dealer....

Need help with mei translation!

Good evening!

I've recently started my collection, and about a month ago bought a late war shin-gunto with mei inscription in the nakago. I wonder if you could help me knowing more about the swordsmith, era, etc. I applied chalk in the markings to help visualization.



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