Kanji Stroke Count Table

Some time ago I ran across a table online that listed Japanese sword smith names by the number of strokes in their kanji. I believe it was from the "Meiboku" website. Since then, I am unable to open that site anymore, I believe it was shut down. I was able to find a limited number of kanji stroke counting smith names on the JSSUS site, but not anywhere near the number I found on the Meiboku site. Does anyone know where I can find a large number of Japanese smiths kanji stroke counting table. I have a Chinese girlfriend who is able to do an accurate kanji stroke count for me.

Inscription on tang

Good Morning,
I am seeking help / assistance to be able to know the meaning of inscriptions on the tang of a sword I own.
Omote- Possible reading
1st kanji: Hon = true / real ?
2nd kanji: I do not know.
3rd kanji: Kane (Mino way).
4th kanji:Uji.
Incised stamp: I have absolutely no idea.

Date: My reading
Meiji 9th year 2nd month a day. A day in February 1876 ( one month before the Haitori Edict).
2nd last kanji: Ichi.

Blade Signature identification help and Dragon Tsuba pictures


I've been trying to translate the Signature on a blade for quite some time but I've not been succesfull.

I've posted picture of the Tsuba which appears to be an Edo period piece with a Dragon in the Clouds. Gold and silver inlay.

Any help translating and identifying the pieces would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Need help Reading inscription :)

Hi - Im having a hard time trying to read the inscription and wondered if anyone could help ? This is a sword that came from the Compton collection and given to the Exective director by Compton. Given to him by a Japanese Delegation. WWII Army Officers Sword engraved blade with Bamboo and Shinto Blessing(?) on the other side. Im a novice and it takes me so long to try to figure out the Charcters. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

thanks so much


Help with Kanji

Hello Aficionados,
Hope you all are having wonderfilled days.
I was wondering if I could get some help with some kanji, I found inside a saya.
Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

Tang Reading/History/Info


IRT E-mail conversation w/Stan, I would like to request a reading of my Wakizashi tang, if possible.

I apologize for the pictures. I don't have a really good digital camera yet.

I would appreciate anything you can tell me about this piece.



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