help mei

hello hello, can you help me to decipher this signature style is gyosho
thank you

Mei Help

Please can anyone help with the kanji on my sword I have identified the "Tada" and I think there is a date, but dont know what date.

Needinh help with mei translation

Hi everyone!

Could anyone help me with this signed blade?!

Best regards to all!


Swords are always a storyteller

Swordsmiths are Mentors,when We meet them in person,such is the case with myself having met Yoshindo Yoshihara and his son Yosikazu,these two are serious about swordmaking,having a background in tool making,they definitely produce some of the best looking swords that I have seen

Needing help to identify a nakago signature on a shin gunto

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine bought this shin gunto and was wondering to have more information about it. Can someone help me in this matter?

Best regards


can the signature be read on this Japanese sword

This old Wakasashi sword has a signature, can it be read?. Someone damaged the blade with what appears to be a wire brush or wheel. No grinding marks, but damage is done. See attached images.

Mr Kenneth Laidler

Hi I have purchased a sword from a e bay Web site .a store in Japan.. It is stated as a wakasashi,however the nagasa is 630mm.the tsuka is 250mm long the mei is said to read,Noushu ju Tanikuni Yoshikane.
It also has a sho stamp,
I can not find any clear information on this smith.also I am trying to establish if this is a mass produced sword ,I understand in that you can not help at this stage without sight of the blade.

I own a Hizen kuni yoshikane katana and a Hizen kuni yoshikane wakasashi.
Whilst I have several other swords, ie, sukesada ,masaie,

WW2 Bring Back Katana, Kanetane Signature

I am new to this club and hope to find some information regarding a WW2 Gunto "Bring Back" sword. I have seen many swords over the years but none grabbed me like this one did. It had a cloth tie-down placed there by the Japanese soldier that surrendered it.

Help to identify Family Name on Surrender Tag

Hello Everyone
I am back again studying and researching swords in my collection. I have a Naval Officers sword
which was surrendered with a Surrender tag. Rust on the edge of the tang make it difficult to identify the smith. I would be interested in the Family name on the Surrender tag and of course the name of the smith..
Mush appreciate if someone could assist
thank you

Tsuba Question

My friend has a unsigned Wakizashi with the Tsuba pictured below. I'm curious if anybody has an idea when and where the Tsuba was made. Thanks in advance.

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