Seeking help with signature

I have recently come across a Showa period katana. I am having trouble reading the signature. I brought it to an Antique Arms show locally and had a dealer look at it. He told me that he could not make out the signature. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Help reading mei

Hi guys
Just acquired this nihonto and characters are creating a headache trying to figure out exactly what it is supposed to read as.
All I know is this old guy took possession of its guardianship in the 1940's. Wait I'm in that class too lol.
Would be good to know where it was born and by whom.

Regards. Selwyn

Just plain simple advice

Recently acquired Yukimitsu mei Katana. Nakago is old, hard, black oxidation. This is a simple 2 figure mei. My quandry is this. It is a spectacular weapon which I am thinking is in original polish. It doesn't have that "super-duper mega shine " but it does show fantastic activity in the entire length. If it really is what I "suspect" an original 1320's Yukimitsu should I spend the huge amount of money to have the polish done? I can clearly see all the mokume w itame grain, the toranha hamon etc...

help mei

hello hello, can you help me to decipher this signature style is gyosho
thank you

Mei Help

Please can anyone help with the kanji on my sword I have identified the "Tada" and I think there is a date, but dont know what date.

Needinh help with mei translation

Hi everyone!

Could anyone help me with this signed blade?!

Best regards to all!


Swords are always a storyteller

Swordsmiths are Mentors,when We meet them in person,such is the case with myself having met Yoshindo Yoshihara and his son Yosikazu,these two are serious about swordmaking,having a background in tool making,they definitely produce some of the best looking swords that I have seen

Needing help to identify a nakago signature on a shin gunto

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine bought this shin gunto and was wondering to have more information about it. Can someone help me in this matter?

Best regards


can the signature be read on this Japanese sword

This old Wakasashi sword has a signature, can it be read?. Someone damaged the blade with what appears to be a wire brush or wheel. No grinding marks, but damage is done. See attached images.

Mr Kenneth Laidler

Hi I have purchased a sword from a e bay Web site .a store in Japan.. It is stated as a wakasashi,however the nagasa is 630mm.the tsuka is 250mm long the mei is said to read,Noushu ju Tanikuni Yoshikane.
It also has a sho stamp,
I can not find any clear information on this smith.also I am trying to establish if this is a mass produced sword ,I understand in that you can not help at this stage without sight of the blade.

I own a Hizen kuni yoshikane katana and a Hizen kuni yoshikane wakasashi.
Whilst I have several other swords, ie, sukesada ,masaie,

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