Need help with two translations on a type 94 gunto and unknown katana


Sorry, I think they are Chinese fakes.



is their any chance the unknown one might be real or clearly fake?

Hi, Sorry, the unknown one is


Sorry, the unknown one is 100% fake.



Took a closer look at the 2nd one.
The name says "Kobayashi Rikio". There is apparently a modern smith (working today) who has a real name Kobayashi Rikio, but his art name is Sadanaga.
The following things are suspicious:
- Why is it signed with his full real name?
- Why is there no yasurimei (filemarks) on the nakago?
- Your picture of the blade looks like it's not really polished.
- When I Google this guy, some of the claims sound exaggerated. He apparently makes blades that are not really traditional, such as this one:
This store has a bunch, with different names on them, but they are mostly/all low quality ("ready for iai or tameshigiri"). Most are too cheap to be the real thing.


Thank you

Thank you everyone for the help.