Old Tachi That Needs Identification.

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd share some pictures of this sword I found at a gun show and get your opinions and thoughts on the subject of it's authenticity. I had one person tell me it's a fake and another tell me it's a genuine blade. I myself have tried to do some research on the blade but have come up blank. Hope you guys can help.

Sword identification

First I just want to say thank you for accepting my invite request. I have a sword I have been trying identify and any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe it is from Ryokai School but that as is much as I know about it. Possibly Buzen Province. Thanks for any feedback.

Blade Pictures

I could not remove the habaki without applying too much pressure. I took pictures of the tip of the blade, the middle and near the habaki and they are attached. For some reason a few of my pictures this time are 2.02MB and will not attach since they are larger than 2 MB. ??????

Inscription on Tang

I completely removed the leather from the handle.
I removed the mekugi from the wooden handle and slid the handle off of the tang. This was easier than I expected. No damage was done.
This revealed two inscriptions on the tang, one set of characters near the grip and one set near the end.
I have attached 7 pictures of these inscriptions from various angles. It was difficult to tell exactly what the lighting was as I was taking these pictures. I will try again if these are not adequate. Sorry they are not better.

Identification of Japanese Sword #2

I used a razor to remove part of the leather covering on the handle of the sword.
Underneath is a light colored wooden handle and a visible mekugi (Peg). I stopped there in caution.
Attached are photos of both sides of the handle with leather cover removed and a visible mekugi.
I understand that the ultimate identification will not be possible until the mekugi is removed, the handle is removed to reveal the tang.
Nevertheless, I am interested in what you think of the wooden handle and its condition and possible refining of the guesstimate of the type of sword.

Sword Engravings

Attached are 3 pictures of the engraving on the sword we are discussing.
Also, is this a Wakizashi sword?
Thanks again,

Identification of Japanese Sword

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me identify the type and date of the Japanese Sword I have inherited. Several pictures of the sword are attached. The sword was given to Lt. C.L. Glover, US soldier who served in the Pacific in WWII, while he was in the Phillipines. Based on the length of the sword (total length is 29 inches, blade is 20 inches) I believe it is a Wakazachi sword. Inscribed in English on one side of the Scabbard is “Present to LT C.L. Glover”.

Seeking help with signature

I have recently come across a Showa period katana. I am having trouble reading the signature. I brought it to an Antique Arms show locally and had a dealer look at it. He told me that he could not make out the signature. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Help reading mei

Hi guys
Just acquired this nihonto and characters are creating a headache trying to figure out exactly what it is supposed to read as.
All I know is this old guy took possession of its guardianship in the 1940's. Wait I'm in that class too lol.
Would be good to know where it was born and by whom.

Regards. Selwyn

Just plain simple advice

Recently acquired Yukimitsu mei Katana. Nakago is old, hard, black oxidation. This is a simple 2 figure mei. My quandry is this. It is a spectacular weapon which I am thinking is in original polish. It doesn't have that "super-duper mega shine " but it does show fantastic activity in the entire length. If it really is what I "suspect" an original 1320's Yukimitsu should I spend the huge amount of money to have the polish done? I can clearly see all the mokume w itame grain, the toranha hamon etc...

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