I made a mistake and put this under the wrong heading at first, this is my attempt to correct it.

I took 9 swords to the 2010 NTHK San Francisco shinsa several years ago (I live 100 miles to the east in Sacramento, Ca.) for evaluation. Four blades passed and five failed. I was broken hearted that my favorite sword failed. It is has ayasuge hada and is signed Gassan. Speaking to one of the American assistants at the show, he told me not to be discouraged because the shinsa team is a very conservative group, and if 4 out of 5 say yes, and one says "I don't think so," the blade will be pink papered. So, here are my questions to the group:

What other schools used ayasuge hada?
What to do with a blade that has been pink papered? I sold one, but I like the other four.
Should I submit my gassan again, hoping I'll have better luck next time?
What are the other features of a Gassan school blade other than ayasuge hada? It is suriage with Suguha hamon.
Would the Nihonto Club like for me to submit photos of the blades that passed shinsa?
If so, what is the process for submitting them to the club?
Does anyone know how to find out when the shinsa coming back to SF? I've googled it six ways to Sunday and still can't find anything about their return. I once heard that it is approximately every ten years. I know that their was one in Forida ealier this year.