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help for me translate mei

hello everyone can help me translate this signature thank you very much it is difficult to decipher kanji when you are a beginner

help mei

hello hello, can you help me to decipher this signature style is gyosho
thank you

mei kanemoto help me please

Hello everyone , sorry for my english I 'm french and not easy for me to write in English.
I bought a katana kind efu no tachi with a signed noshu ju Kanemoto blade, nakago was shortened and folded signature on the original silk kind orikaeshi mei, the blade measures 71cm long but probably more in the beginning, it is 2.9 cm motorcycle haba tempering resembles a sanbonsugui which stops just before the boshi , tempering back on the tip which stops before shinogi .
I wanted to know if the signature was good and what is this blade Kanemoto
thank you

orikaeshi mei help

Hello everyone,
I just grab a blade with a orikaeshi mei I translated without certainty I need your help to give me information on this signature marked Kanemoto.
71cm blade measuring 2.9cm and nasaga of motohaba.
I enclose a photo to make you notice.
thank you

help me for mei

Hello everyone and especially to you little, I wanted to show you my new sword, according to my information it would be child's sword, I'm not signing that is over, I think Toshinori but I ' have doubts about the authenticity of a fear gimei.
pete can you help me please.
thank you very much

help me for description new mei (pete help me)

Hello everyone I just bought a wakizashi bringing this signature, we can help me to translate and give me an idea of the time thank you in advance.
Thank you has you pete

help me please for mei

I send you a picture of a signature on a wakizashi I do not know the time if someone just help me know when was this plate and help me decode kanjis thank you very much

thank you pete

Hi pete, thank you for your help question I ask myself is there a good Masatsugu blacksmith?
I looked at the dates of its activity it correspondrais at the time of this blade but signing it is a mei-mei or gi?
she is polishing court I expect the return to see the details of the blade if it matches the school.

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