is this a date or something else on the right side of the tang?


I have this long wakizashi, I managed to translate the mei:
越前守藤原國次 Echizen No Kami Fujiwara Kanitsugu

but have trouble with the otehr side, are the kanji these? 於熊本以南蛮鐡
It does not look like a date, perhaps a location to refer to?

I found a similar sword, a katana, might be its match for a daisho :

Can someone help me with the other side, what it might be?
Peter G.

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I managed to find out the

I managed to find out the last part means Nanban tetsu (referring it was made with european iron), and the first part seems to be Kumamoto prefecture, where it was made.
I am closer?


G. Peter

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The "OITE" means "in/at".
Don't know what the ji is after Kumamoto, but it might be safe to assume it means "with".

BTW, it is "Kunitsugu", not "Kanitsugu".

UPDATE: the ? ji is "MOTTE", which is sorta like "with".