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I made a mistake and put this under the wrong heading at first, this is my attempt to correct it.

Kanji Stroke Count Table

Some time ago I ran across a table online that listed Japanese sword smith names by the number of strokes in their kanji. I believe it was from the "Meiboku" website. Since then, I am unable to open that site anymore, I believe it was shut down. I was able to find a limited number of kanji stroke counting smith names on the JSSUS site, but not anywhere near the number I found on the Meiboku site. Does anyone know where I can find a large number of Japanese smiths kanji stroke counting table. I have a Chinese girlfriend who is able to do an accurate kanji stroke count for me.

Is it gimei?

So I've read and partially agree with the saying, "Buy the sword, not the smith/mei." But my disagreement with that sentiment is; if I want to send a sword to Japan for a polish or a shinsa, I would rather it not be a gimei. If I have a $1000 sword and a possible $10000 sword, it's easy to see which one I'd want to invest $3000 in. I have a couple of the better smiths named swords. Blogs tell us that 90% are gimie, which is probably correct. So how do I tell for sure? I've done my internet searches with mixed results.

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