Nihonto Swords

Help reading mei

Hi guys
Just acquired this nihonto and characters are creating a headache trying to figure out exactly what it is supposed to read as.
All I know is this old guy took possession of its guardianship in the 1940's. Wait I'm in that class too lol.
Would be good to know where it was born and by whom.

Regards. Selwyn

Another Recent Acquisition


Here is another sword (Katana) that I acquired recently. It is attributed to Yamato no kami Motohira, from early 19th century. What do you think about this one?

Here are its specs:
Jidai date: around Bunka Era (1804-1818)
Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri
Mune: Iori-mune
Boshi head: O-maru, beautiful!
Kitae hada: Nashi-ji hada
Hamon temper line: Gunome irregular temper lines, awesome!
Nakago tang: Kuri-jiri
Yasuri-me: O-suji chigai
Mekugi hole: One
Habaki collar: Single piece copper
Cutting Edge Length: 62.8 cm (24 3/4")
Sheath Writing:

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