NTHK certification

Hi Pete (or someone else that could have this information),

Do you know what do I have to do to apply a katana for avaliation at nthk society? I've sent two emails for "unique japan" asking them if it is possible to do the identification through photos and how much it would be but I still have no answer...

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You are asking for a "kantei-sho", which means "written evaluation".
I don't think any real group (such as NTHK) will do it with pictures. The judges need to study the blade in their hands. They are going to sign their names to the paper, so they don't want to make a mistake (or be tricked by someone who sent fake pictures!).
You may be able to get "opinions" from people with just pictures (like on this forum), and it may be good information, but it is not a kantei.

Why do you want an NTHK kantei?
To simply learn more?
To increase the value?


Thanks again for the return,

Thanks again for the return, Pete!

My plans we're just to gather more information related to it....the swordsmith history, etc...

learning more

Hi, If your goal is just to learn more, the best way is to meet with experienced collectors.
A kantei from NTHK will give you some basic facts, but it's a difficult and expensive way to do that.