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Needinh help with mei translation

Hi everyone!

Could anyone help me with this signed blade?!

Best regards to all!


Needing help to identify a nakago signature on a shin gunto

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine bought this shin gunto and was wondering to have more information about it. Can someone help me in this matter?

Best regards


NTHK certification

Hi Pete (or someone else that could have this information),

Do you know what do I have to do to apply a katana for avaliation at nthk society? I've sent two emails for "unique japan" asking them if it is possible to do the identification through photos and how much it would be but I still have no answer...

Best regards,


Need help to identify a sword signature


I send you a picture of a signature on a katana nakago. I don't have any information regarding it, except that it belonged to the family for 50 years, at least. Any information will be very helpfull! Thanks a lot!

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