Another Mei question

Hello, again,

Am I correct in interpreting the kanji in the attached file as 'Masayoshi'?. The kanji is on the tang of another of my recently acquired wakizashi.


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No, Kuniyoshi.


Which Kuniyoshi


I went through the Swordsmith Index, and the only folks that may have signed with two characters, as shown in the photos, are those identified with ID's KUN1827 and KUN1828. There are other Kuniyoshi who also signed with two characters, but, the kanji for 'Kuni' is written in the standard format.

Do you happen to know which Kuniyoshi may have signed the sword?



No, I really don't know. It requires research, and also studying the other details of the blade.
Note that the real "kantei" process is to look at all the other features first, decide who you think made it, THEN look at the signature to see if it matches your ideas. Of course, a lot of expertise is required...
Looking at the mei first will taint your impressions, and also the mei can be "gimei" (false).

Also note that a 2-character signature was common for many smiths, even though they more often signed something longer. You could still compare this Kuniyoshi with the published examples, and see if the "handwriting" is similar (still could be gimei, though).