Need help Reading inscription :)

Hi - Im having a hard time trying to read the inscription and wondered if anyone could help ? This is a sword that came from the Compton collection and given to the Exective director by Compton. Given to him by a Japanese Delegation. WWII Army Officers Sword engraved blade with Bamboo and Shinto Blessing(?) on the other side. Im a novice and it takes me so long to try to figure out the Charcters. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

thanks so much

Hi Darren, The signature

Hi Darren,

The signature reads:

motte nanban tetsu oite bushū edo echizen yasutsugu

(Made of Nanban steel in Edo of Musashi (province), by Echizen Yasutsugu)

Provided that Compton was unlikely to collect fake swords, your sword was made by famous Echizen Yasutsugu.