Tang Nakago kanji

I am having trouble translating the characters on this nakago. It is the reverse of the nakago so I assume its the details of date etc, rather than the smith.
Also, is it relevant that the characters seem to be 'hanging off the edge' - ie, seem very close to the edge? Visually this seems odd to me?

Just received the Kokan Nagayama hardback - Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords - a very steep learning curve obviously. Unbelievably detailed - I don't know where to start.
Thanks for the recommendation.



Opinion on signature


Just wondering about some very basic or obvious aspects of a signature on a nakago.
This one appears to say Bitchu No Kami Yasuhiro - I used Pete's Kanji ID List to decipher - thanks.
I realise that a great blade is a great blade and that is the most important aspect, and I appreciate that, but I just wanted to dwell on signature in respect of this blade.

wakazashi - possibly Meiji period

I have another wakazashi where I am having trouble deciphering the tang signature and consequently the age of the blade. I'm told it's Meiji period. Have added photos in a PDF showing tang with signature and also signature on kozuka, which is different.

Yoshimori Tachi?

Hi I have recently bought three katana's from a Japanese sword seller. A Munetsugu that is a straight sword signed Bizen No Suke Munetsugu. A Nio Mitsukiyo dated 1550 with NBTHK Hozon papers. And a Yoshimori katana? The seller gave me some info about the sword. I have my doubts about the date, early edo period 1640.And about the name. Can someone tell me what the signature says about this?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings, Ed


Hello fellow collectors I am new here . I bought this sword in Kyu gunto mounts .Could some one please help me translate this double signed tang? I believe it may be grass script? If anyone could tell me what it says I would be grateful.Thank you and take care.

Tang Reading/History/Info


IRT E-mail conversation w/Stan, I would like to request a reading of my Wakizashi tang, if possible.

I apologize for the pictures. I don't have a really good digital camera yet.

I would appreciate anything you can tell me about this piece.



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