Need Help in Identification

Hi all. My friend showed me a sword he bought from an estate sale some years ago in Vermont. He showed it to me the other day and I snapped these photos. I know a bit about Katana smithing, all I could ascertain was that the hamon is real, beyond that, I need some help.

Just plain simple advice

Recently acquired Yukimitsu mei Katana. Nakago is old, hard, black oxidation. This is a simple 2 figure mei. My quandry is this. It is a spectacular weapon which I am thinking is in original polish. It doesn't have that "super-duper mega shine " but it does show fantastic activity in the entire length. If it really is what I "suspect" an original 1320's Yukimitsu should I spend the huge amount of money to have the polish done? I can clearly see all the mokume w itame grain, the toranha hamon etc...

help identify authenticity

I am as of recent, a new joined member of the nihonto club. I became a member in hopes to share the Mei of my Katana and authenticate it, either value or if it's genuine. It appears to be handmade but possibly afterwards was sent off to a factory for finishing, that is unless the swordsmith himself devoted over time into the tang of the sword. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested, I am in a bit of a tight hassle over money and wouldn't have a problem selling the sword to someone whom collects and will take care of it.

WW2 Bring Back Katana, Kanetane Signature

(Accidentally placed in my blog and now re-posted here in this forum)

I am new to this club and hope to find some information regarding a WW2 Gunto "Bring Back" sword.

WW2 Bring Back Katana, Kanetane Signature

I am new to this club and hope to find some information regarding a WW2 Gunto "Bring Back" sword. I have seen many swords over the years but none grabbed me like this one did. It had a cloth tie-down placed there by the Japanese soldier that surrendered it.

Tadamichi katana

I have a WWII Katana hat was brought home from the battle at Iwo-Jima. It us dated May 20 1945 but is signed Tadamichi. The only Tadamichi I have discovered dates around 1680. I would love to find out everything I can about this Katana.

Looking for EDO Period Katana by Swordsmith Kanetsune

I own two Wakizashi by Swordsmith Kendo Kanetsune and am seeking to purchase a Katana made & signed by the same smith. If anyone can help, please send a reply.

I AM FROM ARGENTINA , I have a katana of master smith Kanesada

It has performed a test of carbon-14 , and we found that it is more than 400 years old. I send a picture of a rice paper with a old kanji, could you tell me what does it say? This paper was taked out of the katana's handle. I will try to send you all the pictures that you need. Thanks for your time, Alejandro Ludvik from Argentina.

Help for Hisakuni short sword identification

Dear Sirs
I have already contacted you last year after finding a short sword signed Hisakuni in south of France.
When I found it, the sword was in a very bad state. There were some deep marks of blows. The polisher has made what he could but some of them always appear. Now the blade is restored and mounted in a beautiful shirasaya.
This short sword had the particularities of Kamakura’s forging, tender steel, thin shape, curved, light hamon, Fine Hada... but now, we are are not experts.

Katana information

Hey everyone, I got this sword that came from my grandpa and just now I start wandering where it came from and if is even real.

If anyone could help me find out anything about this sword I would appreciate very much

My best regards

Ps: Don't know where my grandpa got it, not even when. But if I were guess, this sword is more old than 40y (if help anything), and from what I know, no one has cleaned it.

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