Sword Identification

I am respectfully looking for assistance. I have spent many hours attempting to decipher the markings on this katana but have only identified a few. Any assistance would be appreciated and welcome.

Thank you.

Identification of Swordsmith - Help Please!

Help Please!

I have recently purchased a WW2 Japanese Officers sword on which the tang is marked with a makers name.

The blade is in superb condition. has a gorgeous hamon and appears to be of extremely fine quality.

However, as I cannot read Japanese I have been unable to identify the maker.

If anyone can assist I would be extremely grateful.

See attached photo.

Many thanks


Katana information

Hey everyone, I got this sword that came from my grandpa and just now I start wandering where it came from and if is even real.

If anyone could help me find out anything about this sword I would appreciate very much

My best regards

Ps: Don't know where my grandpa got it, not even when. But if I were guess, this sword is more old than 40y (if help anything), and from what I know, no one has cleaned it.

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