Need Information to indicate the sword

Hizen Kuni Tadayoshi Katana Identification Help

Sword Identification

About a month ago, doing demo work on an abandoned house, I can across this poor soul in between a wall we were knocking down! As you can see from the pictures, this soul has been abused, beaten, chipped, dented and filed. It is stained and sad! The Katana has always been the favorite sword since I was a kid. Seeing this soul in such sad disarray, hurt my heart and soul! The Katana was an extension of a Samurai soul and in my own way, I could feel that!

My friend's sword

My friend has asked me to show his sword's photos. We are a couple of old buzzards and are not certain we are asking for help properly.
I have attached photos. I have a sword as well and believe it to be around 500 years old. I'll be sending photos just as soon as
they are ready.

We hope to learn of the age, maker, and value of this sword.

Thanking anyone in advance,

Wayne L. Wickizer
435 828 0496

Japan 1958-61

Need You For Sale

Dear friends. Before I'm so sorry because I don't know much about Japanese Sword. I have a Japannese sword. Or Katana, maybe. I can't identity this. I try to looking for at Japanese Sword Catalog and other, but I can't find that. This sword found by my grandfather (R.Wiryo Subroto) when he was young.
It's the little story about my Japanese sword.

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