Books FS: "Japanese Swordsmiths Revised" by Hawley; also "MEI TOu SHUu BI" by NBTHK in 1948

Just listed these 2 excellent books on eBay:

Japanese sword book: "One Hundred Masterpieces from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton".
Published by Christie's auction house in 1992.
A very large book - almost 15" X 11".
Large, beautiful pictures, with English text explanations, and some basic info in Japanese. See photos.
Many of the kodogu photos are in color.
I have been a Nihonto collector since 1982, but I am no longer active, and it's time to down-size some things before I retire.
Sold as-is (but the condition is Excellent).

two papered swords for sale

The price has recently been reduced on a pair of swords I have for sale. Also, the two swords are now available separately.
All the details are here:
Note: Ed Marshall does a great job of photographing blades. It is perhaps "too good", because his images show EVERY TINY DEFECT. His pictures show little scratches that I didn't even know about.

Try identicate kanji form

Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, Jairo Araujo from Brazil.

I'm posting photos of my katana. After try understand the signature, please if someone can help me i will be glad.

Lets start with signature, first kanji of signature is 國 (KUNI) but i cant identify the second.

In the other side, have a mensage, I think it was not made in manufacturing process, i think it was made after, says "横山大膳X康子X" ("Yokoyama daizen xxx Yasushiko XXX")

Suemitsu Katana Kaji says frequently Japanese soldiers wrote their names or messages in military swords, i dont know if is correct or not.

Wakizashi identify

I have this wakizashi that I would like to get some feed back on.



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