help identify authenticity

I am as of recent, a new joined member of the nihonto club. I became a member in hopes to share the Mei of my Katana and authenticate it, either value or if it's genuine. It appears to be handmade but possibly afterwards was sent off to a factory for finishing, that is unless the swordsmith himself devoted over time into the tang of the sword. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested, I am in a bit of a tight hassle over money and wouldn't have a problem selling the sword to someone whom collects and will take care of it.

WW2 Bring Back Katana, Kanetane Signature

I am new to this club and hope to find some information regarding a WW2 Gunto "Bring Back" sword. I have seen many swords over the years but none grabbed me like this one did. It had a cloth tie-down placed there by the Japanese soldier that surrendered it.

Books FS: "Japanese Swordsmiths Revised" by Hawley; also "MEI TOu SHUu BI" by NBTHK in 1948

Just listed these 2 excellent books on eBay:

Japanese sword book: "One Hundred Masterpieces from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton".
Published by Christie's auction house in 1992.
A very large book - almost 15" X 11".
Large, beautiful pictures, with English text explanations, and some basic info in Japanese. See photos.
Many of the kodogu photos are in color.
I have been a Nihonto collector since 1982, but I am no longer active, and it's time to down-size some things before I retire.
Sold as-is (but the condition is Excellent).

two papered swords for sale

The price has recently been reduced on a pair of swords I have for sale. Also, the two swords are now available separately.
All the details are here:
Note: Ed Marshall does a great job of photographing blades. It is perhaps "too good", because his images show EVERY TINY DEFECT. His pictures show little scratches that I didn't even know about.

Try identicate kanji form

Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, Jairo Araujo from Brazil.

I'm posting photos of my katana. After try understand the signature, please if someone can help me i will be glad.

Lets start with signature, first kanji of signature is 國 (KUNI) but i cant identify the second.

In the other side, have a mensage, I think it was not made in manufacturing process, i think it was made after, says "横山大膳X康子X" ("Yokoyama daizen xxx Yasushiko XXX")

Suemitsu Katana Kaji says frequently Japanese soldiers wrote their names or messages in military swords, i dont know if is correct or not.

Wakizashi identify

I have this wakizashi that I would like to get some feed back on.



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