WW2 Katana Identification

I was gifted a WW2 katana. Handle and scabbard look correct. I'm wondering if the blade is older. The tang is very rusty. The mei is very hard to read. Can anyone make out what it says? Should I clean the rust off? Any help identifying this sword would be appreciated.
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WW2 Shin Gunto Kanenobu 濃州関住兼信作 nōshū seki ju kanenobu saku Signature

Admins feel free to relocate post. Can someone tell me more about my recent ww2 Shin Gunto Purchase? I was directed here from a facebook page. The Tsuka took me over an hr to remove, the Ito had also slipped back a bit, Think it seen some serious use during the war. It clearly hadn't been removed since ww2, the Mekugi was jammed on an Angle and I had to destroy it to be able to remove it. It's pretty well worn. Looks like some Idiot tried to polish it with a dremel tool or something. Mainly on 1 side. What i'm interested to know is How old it actually is?

aluminum handle sword

Greetings all! My name is Cameron and I live in Tacoma, WA. I posted on this site a few years back when I accidentally bought a few fake World War 2 swords. Since then I've learned a little bit more and have got some pieces that I wanted to share with you guys. I wanted your opinions on two of them. This is the first one that I have and the little bit that I know about it is that it's a sword that was made in the closing days of the war when resources were scarce.

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