Just plain simple advice

Recently acquired Yukimitsu mei Katana. Nakago is old, hard, black oxidation. This is a simple 2 figure mei. My quandry is this. It is a spectacular weapon which I am thinking is in original polish. It doesn't have that "super-duper mega shine " but it does show fantastic activity in the entire length. If it really is what I "suspect" an original 1320's Yukimitsu should I spend the huge amount of money to have the polish done? I can clearly see all the mokume w itame grain, the toranha hamon etc... it has a beautiful "lightening in the clouds" appearance and I happen to like the idea of it being in it's original "battle polish" from the late Kamakura period. These things may well be works of art but they are also works of war and death and I hate the idea of changing from that. I happened upon this Katana at an estate sale in a very upscale neighborhood. Apparently (according to the elderly owner) He was a member of MacArthurs occupation staff and was given this sword by a family for extreme favors. Of course these stories are hard to authenticate but certainly this sword is of extremely high quality. Intense research plus the condition truly lead me to believe this to be a valuable item. I know the tsuka has been re-wrapped although it does show a considerable amount of use! Plenty of sweat/oil etc. but no broken ito. The Tsuba is signed although I haven't got it translated yet it does appear to be the right period. The original saya has long since split and was apparently covered in a thin leather or "skiver?" I assume I will have to have someone make a new one which should not have effect on the value of the katana. Should I have it made "shirasaya or actually made to compliment Koshirae?
This is only my 4th Nihonto but I certainly consider it the most beautiful. I am not wealthy and this was just a really lucky day for me. I want to do what is best in the long run. All advice is greatly appreciated. I will try to post photo's in the future as it is truly a beauty to behold. I wish there was a way to get it graded here in the U.S. which would be "trustworthy" Any advice in that area would also be appreciated.