New Kozuka

Good day ALL
I have funeral purchased a Kozuka and three hitu for my collection.
With cleaning the rusty blade I found a signature , Can any one tell me the name and the about the
leaf motif ?? Thank you

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05.jpg1.58 MB
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It is "Monju Shiro Kanetaka".
Perhaps similar to KAN346.

The "leaf motif" is a version of the "Kiri kamon", like the one used by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. "Kiri" is the paulownia tree; "kamon" is a family crest.
Google search for "toyotomi kamon".
Note: This does NOT mean that your kozuka belonged to the Toyotomi family. Many families use similar kamon designs.


Thank Pete All very

Thank Pete
All very interesting , differently enjoyable research
thank Andy