Tassie tsuba


My predilection is for Kawari-gata tsuba - various schools and eras.

Tsuba Iron

I can see why Tsuba are a separate entity for collectors. This one is an iron tsuba - is iron used because it is cheaper than bronze or easier/harder to work or some other reason?
Is it possible to roughly date just by shape and design, when there is no signature present? Has this shape got a specific name? It is almost like a rounded, soft octagon. It is 70mm by 62mm by 3mm thickness. A dragon - not sure what it's doing?

Tsuba - bronze but no signature

I am a novice when it comes to Japanese blades, but when it comes to Tsuba, I am not even as accomplished as a novice.
Please refer to the 2 No. images attached. It is bronze, with no signature and measures 65mm by 61mm by 2mm thickness - so not quite circular in shape.
Is it possible to date, given stylisation and theme, butlack of signature?
What do the figures and lion or dog represent?
Is the gold a plating or solid gold or not in fact gold at all?



wakazashi - possibly Meiji period

I have another wakazashi where I am having trouble deciphering the tang signature and consequently the age of the blade. I'm told it's Meiji period. Have added photos in a PDF showing tang with signature and also signature on kozuka, which is different.

Blade Signature identification help and Dragon Tsuba pictures


I've been trying to translate the Signature on a blade for quite some time but I've not been succesfull.

I've posted picture of the Tsuba which appears to be an Edo period piece with a Dragon in the Clouds. Gold and silver inlay.

Any help translating and identifying the pieces would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


help needed to identify katana

Thank you Stan for your advice. Here's the challenge. In another thread on this site is the same signature "Yamamoto Kameichi" or similar name, but the quality of both pieces ( the other one andthis one)seem quite different. have a look and have your say. don't hold back, this Katana is not for sale and was bought for the equivalent of about US$90 from and American with a large collection of Japanese artifacts he had inherited, then bought by a local dude here in New Zealand. There were three swords in all, and I got this one.

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