Shigetaka 4th Generation wakizashi

I have recently acquired a wakizashi which appears to be either 4th or 5th generation Shigetaka. I note that the swordsmiths listed here under the name SHIGETAKA only covers the first three generations. SHI505, SHI506 and SHI507. There appears to be at least eleven generations of Shigetaka.

Tang Nakago kanji

I am having trouble translating the characters on this nakago. It is the reverse of the nakago so I assume its the details of date etc, rather than the smith.
Also, is it relevant that the characters seem to be 'hanging off the edge' - ie, seem very close to the edge? Visually this seems odd to me?

Just received the Kokan Nagayama hardback - Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords - a very steep learning curve obviously. Unbelievably detailed - I don't know where to start.
Thanks for the recommendation.



Opinion on signature


Just wondering about some very basic or obvious aspects of a signature on a nakago.
This one appears to say Bitchu No Kami Yasuhiro - I used Pete's Kanji ID List to decipher - thanks.
I realise that a great blade is a great blade and that is the most important aspect, and I appreciate that, but I just wanted to dwell on signature in respect of this blade.

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