wakazashi - possibly Meiji period

I have another wakazashi where I am having trouble deciphering the tang signature and consequently the age of the blade. I'm told it's Meiji period. Have added photos in a PDF showing tang with signature and also signature on kozuka, which is different.

Kawachi No Kami Fujiwara Kunisuke?

I've attached a few images of another of my wakazashi. I admit I bought this unseen, on a whim, which for a beginner is probably not a good idea. I know the advice is to read and read before making a purchase but the internet makes it so easy to just click and buy.
Anyway, I attach a picture of the tang and its signature - whether that be genuine or fake, I believe it reads - Kawachi No Kami Fujiwara Kunisuke.
It came with a nice iron Tsuba, also images attached.

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