Tachi or Nodachi?

Hello, and thanks to the administrator for the registration...

First of all I need to say sorry for my english but I try do my best
to make not to much mistakes.
Im not to familiar with Japanese swords. I have bought a few books
to get some kind of basic knowledge.
There was a chance to buy some swords from a Veterans estate and
I take them all because it seems to be a nice start for a collection.
Amoungst them are some Wakizashi, Katana, and 2 Tachi swords.
One of the Tachi is a very long one and that makes me think it could
be a no dachi.

Yoshimori Tachi?

Hi I have recently bought three katana's from a Japanese sword seller. A Munetsugu that is a straight sword signed Bizen No Suke Munetsugu. A Nio Mitsukiyo dated 1550 with NBTHK Hozon papers. And a Yoshimori katana? The seller gave me some info about the sword. I have my doubts about the date, early edo period 1640.And about the name. Can someone tell me what the signature says about this?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings, Ed

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