Blade Pictures

I could not remove the habaki without applying too much pressure. I took pictures of the tip of the blade, the middle and near the habaki and they are attached. For some reason a few of my pictures this time are 2.02MB and will not attach since they are larger than 2 MB. ??????

bladetip2.jpg1.72 MB
blademiddle2.jpg1.95 MB
blademiddle3.jpg1.97 MB
blademid4.jpg1.93 MB
bladeguard2.jpg1.96 MB

reply missing

Hmmm, this afternoon I wrote a longish reply, that didn't seem to "stick".
The gist of it is this:
The blade appears to be severely damaged by sandpapering.
My recommendation is to arrange to show it (in person) to an experienced collector.
Here is a possible list of clubs, in case you are near any of these cities:


I see a Chinese counterfeit

I see a Chinese counterfeit ...