Old Tachi That Needs Identification.

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd share some pictures of this sword I found at a gun show and get your opinions and thoughts on the subject of it's authenticity. I had one person tell me it's a fake and another tell me it's a genuine blade. I myself have tried to do some research on the blade but have come up blank. Hope you guys can help.

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Fake. No doubt. Probably made recently in China.


Can a fake still be made up

Can a fake still be made up to battle ready standards? I only ask because it feels very well made. Also i should have posted a photo of the mei that were etched into the tang.

no standards

There is no definition of "battle ready standards" for an antique Japanese sword. And "feels very well made" is completely subjective.
I'm sorry to be so negative.
My advice: stay far away from terms like "battle ready" - it's meaningless - we are not fighting battles with swords. Instead, study the unique features and history of real Japanese swords. There is a lot to learn.