wakizashi identification

Recomendations on 2 items


I am new on this forum and also new in collection antique Japanese Blades, i have been collecting European Sabers and Gaucho Knives for a long time, but i am only starting on this amazing subject, so i would be really greatfull if you can give me some advice on two items i am really excited in acquire.

Help on Confirming Norimitsu swordsmith generation

Hi friends,
I need some expert advise on dating my Wakizashi.
I am mostly sure it is Norimitsu, but would like to confirm this, and also if possible to date the generation, school.
My late father gave it to me when I started practising Kendo,and because I was interested in japanese swords since I was a kid.
It had been in his possession for a long time, he acquired it being a collector, but I do not know more details on provenance.

I uploaded more pictures under private collection item.

Any hints welcome.
Thank you so much


Need help identifying my Wakizashi


I'm trying to identify the signature on my Wakizashi. I am uploading the photos of the sword and tang. Any help is appreciated.



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