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I am new on this forum and also new in collection antique Japanese Blades, i have been collecting European Sabers and Gaucho Knives for a long time, but i am only starting on this amazing subject, so i would be really greatfull if you can give me some advice on two items i am really excited in acquire.

Below the description that the seller gave me. I will appretiate if you could tell me if they are accurate and which one of them would you recommend me, I know they might be in bad condititon but for a starter i think they are good items. Regretfully I can only afford one of them at this moment.


Total (blade) length (cm) 65.5
Nagasa (blade) length (cm) 51
Nakago (tang) length (cm) 14
Sori (curvature) (cm) 1.5
Kasane (thickness) at machi (cm) 0.732
Kasane (thickness) at yokote (cm) 0.425
Mihaba (width) at machi (cm) 3
Mihaba (width) at yokote (cm) 3
mekugi-ana (holes) 1

'It can read cas Hizen-koku-ju IETSUGU, Bizen no Kuni no Ju Iyetsugu, wazamono. Ouei era (early Muromachi period) early fourteenth century, Bizen province (now in Okayama prefecture)'Swords from this smith who worked in the early years from 1336 to 1392 of the Muromachi period are known as the Nanboku-chō or Northern and Southern Court period therefor this would be a Koto sword.


Total (blade) length (cm) 77.3
Nagasa (blade) length (cm) 61.4
Nakago (tang) length (cm) 15.9
Sori (curvature) (cm) 0
Kasane (thickness) at machi (cm) 0.68
Kasane (thickness) at yokote (cm) 0.45
Mihaba (width) at machi (cm) 2.8
Mihaba (width) at yokote (cm) 2
mekugi-ana (holes) 1

'Shinano-no-kami Minamoto NOBUYOSHI 信濃守源信吉.'

1st generation, 1644, Yamashiro, wazamono, (Kiku) Yamashiro (no) Kuni Fujiwara Nobuyoshi(菊紋) 山城国藤原信吉

Thank you very much for any hint you can provide, Regards!!

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