Shira Saya

Help for Hisakuni short sword identification

Dear Sirs
I have already contacted you last year after finding a short sword signed Hisakuni in south of France.
When I found it, the sword was in a very bad state. There were some deep marks of blows. The polisher has made what he could but some of them always appear. Now the blade is restored and mounted in a beautiful shirasaya.
This short sword had the particularities of Kamakura’s forging, tender steel, thin shape, curved, light hamon, Fine Hada... but now, we are are not experts.

New Collector

Hello, I discovered this site while looking up information on three swords I recently collected which effectively jump started my collection into something that I am really proud to own.

I have however little knowledge of the vast number of swordsmiths that have spanned the history of Japan to make these remarkable pieces of weaponry. I'd like help identifying the history of these swords.

Sword 1: Showa era WWII Naval Officers sword. Theres what's been translated to a date on the other side and this is a picture of the signature. (first two attachments)

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