short sword

Sword identification

So I found this short sword when I was cleaning out my Grandfathers house. I would love if someone could help me identity what I have here. It looks a few hundred years old. It’s not in the greatest shape. I am sorry If I am not using the correct terminology. My expertise is with firearms. Thanks for looking.

Help for Hisakuni short sword identification

Dear Sirs
I have already contacted you last year after finding a short sword signed Hisakuni in south of France.
When I found it, the sword was in a very bad state. There were some deep marks of blows. The polisher has made what he could but some of them always appear. Now the blade is restored and mounted in a beautiful shirasaya.
This short sword had the particularities of Kamakura’s forging, tender steel, thin shape, curved, light hamon, Fine Hada... but now, we are are not experts.

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