I'm Back!

Hi Stan and All,
I know I have not contributed for a while, but I have been busy elsewhere and now will try to make an effort to help and to also learn more about our collections/hobby/addiction/passion once again.
caught up on news, all looks good,
great site Stan!!

Christmas Kanji marathon - FINISHED

I was updating many smith records recently and got fed up with the amount of time needed to locate a record for a particular smith (by name, era, province, school etc). When trying to find one smith I always end up with filling out missing Kanji, signatures and whatever else is missing for few other smiths with the same name.

It is very distracting, so I've decided to solve this problem (at least to some extent) by stopping for the moment and filling all the missing Kanji in formal smith names. It's not a small job: 2156 smiths (out of 12258 record in total) don't have Kanji representation of their name in Swordsmith Index at the moment. It's clear from the past experience that doing 100 record per day is already a very challenging task. So I've decided I'll do my best to finish this work by Christmas.


Hello ,I am new to collecting swords,,I have collected knives and blades ,and old weaponery for a while but dont have that collection anymore....I have only 3 swords in my collection..1 I bought brand new from a sword maker in china, is only a cheapy ,but a good cheapy,if that makes sense,,the 2nd is a ww2 generals katana and the 3rd another katana i have been told dates from the late 1800`s ..dateing method was a tang viewing....,,I have no idea about maintianing a sword apart from keeping it clean and oiled ...if anyone has any advice on products or methods I would greatly appreciate

Week Off

I'm going on holidays for a week. I'll deal with all the support queries (if any) on 27th March.


Some statistics

It's been five months since Swordsmith Index was released. I've been spending some evenings and weekends to find and type in more information as I was reading through various sources and here's what we've got so far:

Total smith records: 12250
Verified records: 389 (3.18%) - verified manually to ensure the information is reliable or at least in line with accessible knowledge.
Schools/groups: 93 - entered by hand

Smith Records:

School is known: 1146 (9.36%) - verified and entered by hand
Province is known: 4126 (33.68%)
Kanji name is filled in: 11808 (96.39%)
Era: 11281 (92.09%)
Lineage confirmed: 1460 (11.92%) - number of records which have father's or teacher's record known and correctly identified.
Total signatures: 2735
Unique smiths with signatures: 1946

It's not too bad, I guess. My main task so far was to populate the information about schools and lineage, which could help in the future with efficient search for particular smith of particular school and era. It's been a very, very useful experience, I've learned so much!

Back to work

Holidays are over and I'm back to work on the site content. After 3.5 weeks in Cuba I really miss it. By the way, it wouldn't be a surprise really, but there is virtually no nihonto in Cuba. The only sword I managed to see was the one in Bacardi museum in Santiago-de-Cuba. It was a wakizashi in gunto mounts with a very strange (supposedly not Japanese at all) tsuba. Having spent few minutes trying to look at the features of the blade (and being stalked everywhere by vigilant museum workers) it was clear it's just a mass-produced war-time sword.

Fukamoto Kanemune I.D 1625

I have a sword with the above mei that has been in my Father's posession since WW11. Could anyone provide information / history of Kanemune or where I could find such information. I am aware that he is the 1st son of Fukamoto Amahide. I also believe his 'art' name is 'Shoshinshi' (not sure)
Looking forward to any advice you may be able to provide.

Best regards

Holiday time again

Dear All,

I'm on holidays for 3.5 weeks. If you need any assistance with the site, please be patient and we'll sort everything out in August.


Kind Regards,

Fujishiro arrived!

I've just received Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten (Koto Volume) from Mike Yamaguchi. Can't wait to go home and do some digging!

Habaki arrived

I was looking for a habaki for my new gimei Kanesada blade. Yes, I know, looking for matching habaki on eBay is a suicide mission on its own. However, this one was a good value and I decided to give it a try.

No, it didn't fit. This habaki is for monstrous size katana (despite the dimensions given by the seller). It had nice quality though, with good dark patina, so I don't mind too much.

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