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Dear friends. Before I'm so sorry because I don't know much about Japanese Sword. I have a Japannese sword. Or Katana, maybe. I can't identity this. I try to looking for at Japanese Sword Catalog and other, but I can't find that. This sword found by my grandfather (R.Wiryo Subroto) when he was young.
It's the little story about my Japanese sword.
Our home is an arm storehouse when the civil war in Indonesian. When Japanese Army find our place (1942), R. Wiryo Subroto Junior get this sword and save this on the roof. After many years, my grandfather forgot this sword. Till he was dead (2000). After he was dead, our family find this sword at our roof of home. Now, my family want to sell this. But, we don't know about this sword.
Here's the characteristic of this sword:
-Long of iron blade is 100cm, long handle 40cm. So,long without case 140cm.
-There are many picture on the blade: 3x2 pieces of mountain, flowers, and stars in each side.
-There's a picture of Japan's Flag, a half of sun, number 1769, and Japanese word that I can't read (maybe it's like a signature) in each side.
-Brass tsuba with diameter about 7cm and there's a spring key for lock with the case.
-Shinogi Zukuri of blade shapes (I think)
-There's a brass roll on tip of case.
Maybe you can help me. Thanks.

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Alex, This sword is not a


This sword is not a genuine Nihonto. And I have a feeling it was made after the year 2000...