My friend's sword

My friend has asked me to show his sword's photos. We are a couple of old buzzards and are not certain we are asking for help properly.
I have attached photos. I have a sword as well and believe it to be around 500 years old. I'll be sending photos just as soon as
they are ready.

We hope to learn of the age, maker, and value of this sword.

Thanking anyone in advance,

Wayne L. Wickizer
435 828 0496

Japan 1958-61

Help with garage sale find

Hi all,

Thank you for accepting me into this community. I recently acquired a nihonto style blade and I'm trying to find some info on it. It is made from Damascus so I'm expecting it be a modern blade. Picked it up at a garage sale for $25 and want to sharpen it up to use for cutting practice, however I want to make sure my assumptions are correct before i break out the stones. Thank you for any assistance you can provide


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