My friend's sword

My friend has asked me to show his sword's photos. We are a couple of old buzzards and are not certain we are asking for help properly.
I have attached photos. I have a sword as well and believe it to be around 500 years old. I'll be sending photos just as soon as
they are ready.

We hope to learn of the age, maker, and value of this sword.

Thanking anyone in advance,

Wayne L. Wickizer
435 828 0496

Japan 1958-61

zsword1.jpg1.93 MB
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Kai gunto

It looks like a kai-gunto, a WW2 naval sword. I'd guess it's stainless steel from the condition of the tang. Hope that's some help.


Thank you for your comment. Can you refer us to someone who can translate and evaluate?


The signature is Ishido Mitsunobu, you can see an example here;
I'm not sure on the value of these kai-gunto.
Prices on non-traditonally made swords tend to be at the lower end, but yours looks to be in nice condition overall.
I'd suggest having a look around on the internet and see what people are asking for them.

My friends sword

Thank you once more. I have informed my friend of your kindness. In the 1950s & 60s, he and I both studied under Master Tomosaburo Okano of the Kenkojuku Karate Dojo. I don't know this but assume that Master Okano helped him find that sword. As for me, I have what I've been informed by a knowledgeable person an original samurai sword (abt 500 years old now). If you don't mind, I'll take some photos and post them to this board. The value in my sword resides in ownership and lineage to my beloved Master. If you are curious, please Google Tomasaburo Okano and you'll see what I mean. Best wishes ... Wayne L. Wickizer 435 828 0496 and


If you post some pictures I'll happily take a look. I'm no expert but I might be able to translate the signature and possibly help to identify the smith.

My Sword

Sorry to be tardy with these photos. Thank you for your willingness to take a look. Best wishes ...Wayne


I'm having a bit of trouble with this one. The first character has the hole through it but I think the first four could be Echizen kuni ju (dwelling in echizen province). the next character looks like yasu, and I can't make out the next one to give the whole name of the smith. There are plenty of possibilities but I can't find an example to match. The last character is Saku (made). I'll keep trying but if I've made a mistake with either the first or fifth character I could be barking up the wrong tree.


The second name kanji could possibly be NAWA. Not sure.
As seen in YAS301.


My Sword

I'll go get it out of the safe and take some better photos. May be several days. Thank you so much! Wayne